Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bella the Blue Dobie

I finally have a new rescue story to share! I promise you, Bella was worth the wait. In fact her name literally means beautiful! 

Bella lives with Sampson, whom we've previously shared here, and her mom Paige. 

Paige fell in love with the Doberman breed when she found her beloved Newt, whose story you can read right here

Bella's story is more traditional than her siblings.'  She was listed as part of a rescue group, and several people saw this lovely Blue Doberman and forwarded her information to Paige, thinking she might be interested.  

They were correct, and Paige couldn't resist contacting the group to find out more about Bella.  

It turned out she was being fostered just down the road from Paige, and after a few home visits Paige was ready to make Bella part of her family.

Bella's start in life sounds all too familiar to those of us who rescue. She was used as a puppy mill breeding dog for her first four years. 

She came to Paige having only ever lived in a crate.

 Her paw pads were so sensitive and she was in such bad shape she couldn't even enjoy walks.

 She had to lie down after just a few blocks. Now she is happy and healthy and keeping up with Sampson. 

 She loves car rides, Scooby Snacks, and ear scratches from everyone.

 She loves love and is a wiggle-butt! 

 Paige says she's the queen of their house and she knows it. 

Good for her! Sounds like she deserves it too!

Thanks so much to Paige for sharing her home with these beautiful dogs, and for sharing her story with us. If you would like to share your story we'd love to have it. Email me at

Again, I apologize for so being away from posting regularly. All the winter illnesses making their rounds have managed to find my husband and I at the same time, resulting in lots of sickness, doctor and hospital visits, and subsequent resting. Here's Wiley checking in on and comforting his dad. 

Let's hope we're all on the mend!

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