Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday's Grab-bag: Slippy

I live in the Northeast, and it's cold, and it snowed, and now there's freezing rain, and it's going to get colder, and BLAH BLAH BLAH.

So enjoy these pictures of Wiley thoroughly enjoying the snow.  

 I let him out to frolic before I began to shovel. He loves to bury his ball, then recover it.

You can see approximately how much snow we got by looking at how far it went up his fur.

His face is always covered the first chance he gets.

Experts always caution pet owners about not leaving their pets outside during extreme weather. Wiley is definitely a pet who would be out in the cold long past the point of being safe if it were up to him. 

He just runs and plays and especially loves to catch and chase his ball.

This was the first time I saw him snow plow with his nose too. I know dogs do that all the time but I've never seen him do it before.

The above pictures are from Friday. Today, Sunday, we are being blasted with freezing rain and it is a solid sheet of ice. In Pennsylvania we say "The roads are slippy."  I'm pretty sure that's a regional thing?  Anyway, I let Wiley out to pee and he slid all the way across the patio. I have no pictures of this, of course, because I was panicking and hyperventilating about him hurting himself.  So what to do on a terrible day such as this?

Well we have a house full of company who can't get away, so naturally we made them play Trivial Pursuit: Pop Culture.

You can see Wiley's thoughts on the subject.

He doesn't like competing with anything for attention.

And this game was getting a lot of attention.

If you're affected by this cold-even-for-winter weather what are you doing to pass the time? Wiley might be interested in joining you. He's had about enough of this.

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