Friday, January 17, 2014

Feel-Good Feline-Good Full Disclosure Friday?

My full disclosure is this:  halfway through most weeks I start thinking about what I can share on Feel-Good Friday, but I never start writing the post until Thursday after school. Anyway yesterday after school I still hadn't come up with a single idea for Feel-Good Friday, and although I don't make myself feel like I have to post every day, Feel-Good Friday forces me to be positive so I like to make that happen.

Anyway,  while  I was waiting for a friend to come and help with some contracting work in the bathroom, I looked at this sushi plate I got as a gift for Christmas and decided to do something cute with it.

Both my furkids are food-obsessed, and given that they were both strays I certainly can't blame them. Jenny begs far worse than Wiley does too. She waits for me to come home and then immediately jumps on the counter and purrs and meows and rubs her head on anything and everything. It's adorable and effective; she gets her treats. When we first got her she was super-skinny. Now she's at a healthy weight and I'd like to keep her there. Consequently I measure all her food, wet and dry, and count her treats to make sure she gets only the recommended amount.

You might recognize that right there as the state of Pennsylvania. My friend Luke, who is an artist/art  teacher, and father to Leroy and Fanny (pictured below), made this plate and gave it to Hubs and me. Isn't it cool?

So, being one of those silly people who talks to her pets, I asked Jenny if she wanted some sushi.  The answer was yes, of course.

In fact as soon as she got near the plate she knocked the pieces all over in her frenzy to eat her tuna-flavored treats.

 I got the intense stare for more. You know the one. It says "Really, that's it?  You think that counts as a treat?"

But what you don't see in the above picture is her poor brother, who was just wanting to know when he was going to get his turn.

Yes, poor poor Wiley, who only gets about 15 carrots a day and home-cooked dog food. My pets manipulate me like crazy, and they know it. I gave Wiley a carrot and came in to sit down on the sofa.  What was his next move? Burying his head on my leg to elicit sympathy and earn more treats.

I told him to stop that because it wouldn't work, and then I got this:

OH COME ON PEOPLE! Tell me you would resist that!

Well, all that is well and good, although I'm not sure it counts as a Feel-Good Friday post. Perhaps a Feline-Good Friday? Oh wait. I haven't addressed the "Good" part yet. 

Remember that bathroom contracting work I mentioned near the beginning of this post? Yesterday when my friend arrived, he had to turn off the main water line. In the process he stumbled down the very tiny cellar steps, stepping on the sump pump and knocking a pipe loose, which proceeded to spray all over the basement. He was able to rejoin the pipe right away and he wasn't hurt, so all's well that ends well right?

Until this morning at 6:10, as I sipped my coffee and tried to finish writing this post. Since the house was so quiet I heard the sump pump kick on, and then I heard the sound of rushing water. Sighhhhh. . . 

Speaking of Feline-Good Friday, this was me as I looked down the stairs into the tiny basement:

Alas, there was no one else to fix it but me, and so while barely functioning on a few sips of coffee I faced my claustrophobia and fixed the stupid pipe. My hands shook for a good 15 minutes after it was done, but I did it. 

Now there was nothing else to worry about except heading off to school to teach 170 teenagers about Julius Caesar and The Odyssey and A Raisin in the Sun, then get a 90 minute training after the students went home on an electronic standardized testing prep program. Wooohooooo!!!

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