Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Heidi and Floyd

Ahh senior dogs. They're usually such enjoyable old souls, but the price we pay is to have to watch someone we love get old. That's never easy, and any true pet lover knows exactly what I'm talking about. In all my years I have never, ever understood how people can just drop their pets off a shelter because they get too old. It turns my stomach. It is absolutely unconscionable that someone could live with an animal as part of their family for years and then just dispose of it, and people who do that had better hope karma doesn't exist. 

Jennifer, however, is storing lots of good karma for the future in her house with her dogs Heidi and Floyd.  Heidi is 12 years old, and the Queen Bee. 

She was adopted from a shelter near Stockton, CA, and although age has brought Cushings Disease and Degenerative Disc Disorder, Heidi is very blessed that her mom works at a veterinarian's office, so she has access to top quality care, and plenty of time built in for naps with her tennis ball. 

Jennifer says Heidi keeps Floyd and the cats in line. 

 Floyd is 10 years old, and he came into a shelter with his sister. 

The shelter was able to actually find the owners, but when they came in they only wanted the sister and left Floyd at the shelter. 

That's so sad! But Jennifer says it was her gain, and that's how she got her big "Goober" as she likes to call him. 

Jennfier's house did just suffer a loss. One of her furbabies, Charlie, went over the Rainbow Bridge at age 11. God's peace to you and your family Jennifer. Charlie will be waiting for his whole family on the other side. 

I would imagine that Jennifer spends a considerable portion of time caring for animals in need, and in my opinion there are not enough Jennifers in this world. 

Thank you so much for all you do, both in your home and on the job, to make animals comfortable, happy, and loved.

What's your rescue story?  Every story is special. Share your with me and I'll share it on the blog.

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