Friday, April 4, 2014

Feline Follow-Up Friday: Where are they now?

Two weeks ago I devoted a post to cats and poetry. To some it might seem strange but let's remember I'm an English teacher.  If you haven't yet read the post, I hope you'll check it out here. I explain how I got Jenny's name and share many of my favorite pictures of her. I also include the poem "The Old Gumbie Cat" by TS Eliot. 

 I have to admit, I was feeling quite erudite after writing that post, and I realize TS Eliot may be a bit much for some people. Today I'm changing pace with another excellent book of poetry. Check it out.

If you haven't read the book yet, you're missing out! Click on the picture and it will take you to Amazon so you can buy it. Jenny was quite interested.

The table of contents is pretty thorough.

After the first page I was already laughing.

We may not want to admit it, but there's a very good chance a number of our cats are thinking this precise thought. 

This one really hit close to home for those of us with more "regal" cats.

I hope it didn't give Jenny any ideas.

And finally, I really enjoyed the poem below.  Every night while I sleep Wiley winds himself around my head and shoulders, while Jenny settles in on my feet. Then about half an hour before the alarm goes off, Jenny starts trying to wake me, because she's hungry. Sometimes she bites my feet!  Then I yell "Ow!" and Wiley barks or steps on my face trying to get closer to her to see what she's doing. Needless to say I'm always tired!

I'd like to think Jenny is a poet at heart. Wiley doesn't seem like the type. If he were artistic I think it would be more like a stage actor or something. Handsome but needy. Talented but demanding. 

If you don't read the blog regularly or you're new to it, you might not know about what happened when I took Jenny and her kittens in, but this post explains how I came to terms with having to give those precious kittens away. It's also filled with kitten pictures so if you don't check it out you are really missing some "Awwwwws."  For some time now I've been wanting to follow up on these little guys. Here they are before:

Gorgeous right? I'm not sure how old they are here but probably about 3 months. 

Now check them out!  This is Finley.

He's growing up! He's long, just like Jenny. He's probably about 9 months old now.   And this is Smalls.

Smalls always was the first one at the food dish when he started eating solid food.  

As you can see, both boys are being very well cared-for at their not so new homes.  Maybe I'm okay at this fostering business. Now if only we could get Wiley on board with other dogs. Considering he was afraid of this Bassett Hound puppy the other day at the baseball game I'm not holding my breath.

Poor Wiley. What I wouldn't give to meet whoever had him first and messed up so badly.  I would have a very tough time stopping myself from stepping on their face for abusing him though, so I'll just be grateful that, like Jenny, God sent him our way and he's part of our family now. 

Thank you for your time today. I know it was a long post. I had to make up for lost time. If you have any cats you'd like to share for Feline Friday send me their pictures. Same goes for rescue dogs too! Email me at

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