Friday, April 11, 2014

Feel-Good Friday

I'm lucky enough in my line of work, teaching, to have students come to school wanting to share a funny video with me of a dog or cat or panda (I LOVE PANDAS) they may have seen online. And occasionally on test days I'll even play a few for them when they're all finished. These are some that we  shared this week. I shared one of my personal favorites, when Shorty the cat sees a balloon.  I cannot even keep track of how many times I watched this.  Click on the picture below.

One of my students then shared this adorable begging kitty with me.

I actually showed this video to Jenny and she was fascinated. She sat on my lap and we watched it probably six or seven times.

I shared the next video, of this ridiculous French Bulldog who doesn't want to go to bed, with my friend Katie, also known as Rosco and Owen's mom. 

For the record I bought Owen that shirt, and yes-it says "Chicks Dig Pianists." Owen has been a reluctant sleeper, so I told her maybe she should show him this video and have him sleep in a drawer. (I'M KIDDING ABOUT PUTTING HIM IN A DRAWER!)

And what has my boy been up to? No good, as usual. Here he is with a stolen box of cat food. Fortunately it was empty when he got his grubby paws on it.

Happy Friday everyone! 

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