Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter 2014

Happy Easter everyone! Whether your plans are solemn or secular, bunny-rabbits or church, egg hunts or ham dinner, or all of the above, Wiley and Jenny took a few moments out of their very busy schedule of chasing each other, sleeping, eating, grooming themselves, and jostling for space on Hubs and my laps, just to get all Easter-y for you!  First we tried out the bunny glasses.

They didn't really sit right on Wiley's big nose but he was still a champ about it.

Believe me I tried with Jenny, but this was the closest I could get her to them without risking my hand being shredded to pieces.

After that I put the ears on Wiley, and he's had so many things put up there by now that he didn't even flinch.

Next I presented him with the Easter basket. 

 I really was hoping to get him to pick it up by the handle, but we just haven't mastered that yet.

I showed it to Jenny as well.

She was mostly interested in the green grass inside. I got paper instead of the plastic stuff. Not only is it better for the environment but I also figured she might get into it a bit, and I know that plastic grass can get stuck inside their digestive system and cause all kinds of problems, even fatalities. 

Wiley was, as usual, far more cooperative than Jenny, although I swear in the picture below his expression says "Mom, I'm begging you. Stop with the bunny pics."

In fact, there's a trend going around Instagram right now, it's called "If My Dog Was Human," or as it would be represented there, #ifmydogwashuman.  Now, the English teacher in me just needs to point out that it should be "If My Dog WERE Human." There, I feel better. Anyway, if Wiley were any human in the above picture, I think it would be Ralphie when he's dressed in his present from Aunt Clara.  Am I right?

I tried to hide some treats, both for Jenny and Wiley, inside the eggs. Jenny was more interested in rolling the egg, but Wiley began to catch on.

I can't believe he kept this in his mouth long enough for me to get a picture, but believe me he did wind up opening it and enjoying the treat inside.

Anyway, from our house to yours. . . 

Wiley and Jenny and Hubs and I just want to say . . . 

Happy Easter!  

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