Thursday, March 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Snickelfritz

Snickelfritz as a puppy

Those of you who make the rounds on Instagram and Facebook may know that on Thursday people often post pictures with the hashtag #tbt, which stands for Throwback Thursday. It's a good excuse to dip deep into the archives and share some pictures from a long time ago, at least when done right.  Well on Tuesday I shared the story of Roscoe P Coltrain, and if you didn't check him out it's definitely worth your time to do so. However, while looking at pictures of Roscoe as a puppy, I was reminded of my dear sweet Snickelfritz, about whom I have written before here on the blog.

Snickelfritz all grown up (and out)

 My whole childhood, I kid you not, all I wanted was puppies. I wanted my first dog, already 5 years old when I was born, to have a litter of puppies. Well, when I was five and Heidi was 10, my parents had to have an emergency hysterectomy done for Heidi, who had never been spayed. Don't judge too harshly, it was 1980. Spaying wasn't as common back then. Anyway, I didn't know what that meant, and so for the next five years I wasted every penny anyone gave me within the vicinity of a wishing well (or fountain) wishing that Heidi would have puppies.


 Every time I passed the fountain at the mall, I begged for a penny, then threw it in attached to the dream of having a litter of puppies in my very own house to care for. Well readers, not to be melodramatic but that single gesture, repeated over and over again, kind of symbolizes how most of my major wishes panned out in life. Wasted wish after wasted wish, I never knew there was no chance of it coming true.  When Heidi went over the Rainbow Bridge in 1985, my parents set in motion to at least help me get part of my wish, and they took me to the SPCA and let me pick the puppy I wanted. 

And that's when Snickelfritz became my forever friend, and actually the only puppy I've ever had. When you always rescue the hard-to-adopt dogs, puppies are rare. 

I don't know if you'll see the same resemblance I do between the two. 

This is Roscoe.

This is Snickelfritz.

  I have no idea if Fritz and Roscoe would have shared a single strand of breed DNA.
That's sometimes the beauty of mutts. They keep us guessing. 

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