Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chesney and the Underdog Jog

Hannah wanted to share her dog Chesney with the Rescue Dog Blog, but there's more to her story than this beautiful dog.  Like many younger siblings, when Hannah was growing up she idolized her older sister and her sister’s best friend Amy.

  Hannah’s childhood memories revolve around the times she spent with her sister and her friends. 

Amy made a particular impact on Hannah because of her dedication to rescuing dogs. 

She fostered, adopted, and raised awareness. When Amy (pictured below) passed away unexpectedly in December of 2012 the whole community was bereft. To honor her, they organized a 5K called the Underdog Jog last June. 

This event was so successful they will now be doing it annually!  What a beautiful idea to honor a beautiful person. For more pictures click on the link above. You can also follow their Facebook page

Hannah has done more than help organize the 5K, however. 

Last June she brought home Chesney, a puppy she adopted from Georgia. 

Not long after Chez came home she hurt her shoulder very badly and was unable to walk for 8 weeks! 

During that time Hannah carried her outside to use the bathroom, stayed close by her side, and even fed her from her hand. 

On Oct 1 Chez began to walk again and she has been on the road to recovery ever since. 

Just look at how big she's gotten as she approaches one year.

This picture, below, makes me laugh every time I look at it. That is some serious stink-eye Chez is giving! 

You can follow Chesney on Instagram @fullofsparkle. I know she's going to have a wonderful life with Hannah as Amy watches over them. 

Many thanks to Hannah for honoring Amy's memory by adopting, organizing the Underdog Jog, and sharing this story with us!

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