Sunday, March 2, 2014

Abby the Mutt

I see so many dogs on Instagram who just make me fall in love with their faces. 

I would gladly feature all their stories if they shared them with me.

 However, today's dog, Abby, really captured my attention with her face because she reminded me of Wiley. 

The fluffy ears and the white patch on her chest sort of make her look like Wiley's black sister. 

Although Abby's body hair is shorter than Wiley's, that's because her family keeps it cut short.

Anyway, Abby had a rough start in life. Her original family bought her for $800, having been told she was a "mini black golden retriever." OH MY LORD! We still have so much educating to do. WHY OH WHY would anyone spend $800 on a mutt without doing any research!?! Who are these people who have the kind of money to afford that? If they had looked into it they would have found out there is no such thing as a mini black golden retriever.  Sighhhhhh.

I hate to say it, but these clueless people just got worse and worse as owners. They allowed their three children to sit on Abby, punch her, kick her, and scare her with fire. Luckily Abby's new mom, Mina Rae, visited the family once and saw this mistreatment. She told her mom, and her mom wound up going to the family to drop some heavy hints that she was in the market for a dog to make her daughter Mina Rae feel safe. 

That was Abby's lucky day, although it may not have seemed like it at first when she had to get a bath. The above picture was the first one taken of her when she came to Mina Rae's house, right after the bath. That was the day she came home to live with the rest of the pack of dogs in the family, including her brother Sparks, although she is Mina Rae's special girl.

When they brought her home they truly realized how afraid of everything she was, not to mention she had mange. Poor Abby.

Now Abby is happy and thriving. She is slowly learning to trust little children. They are still working on men and children who are much taller than her. Abby is taking classes to learn obedience and agility. 

 She loves to be outside and is very sight-oriented.  She also relies on her hearing, but Mina Rae says it doesn't seem like her sense of smell does much for her. 

Hmm. Her loves of the outdoors and her sight orientation, combined with her good looks, make her seem like there's Border Collie in there somewhere. That could explain her similarity to Wiley as well.

We are so happy that Abby has found a safe and loving family. We are sure she will continue to live the sweet life, and we look forward to watching her as she grows.  You can follow Abby on Instagram @abbythemutt.  Thanks to Abby's mom for sharing her story with us!

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