Friday, March 28, 2014

Feel-Good Friday

Today's Feel-Good Friday story has been showing up in my Facebook news feed quite a bit over the past few days. I really wanted to pass it along here because it's about a greyhound, and we just featured a beautiful greyhound, Irie, last week. This greyhound is named Clobberhead, which might be one of the greatest dog names I've ever heard. 

 Anyway, after Clobberhead was let go from his Florida track and his racing career, he was adopted by Erin Cramer and her daughter a few months ago in Indiana.  Not too long ago Erin was home sick when Clobber began acting really strange, pushing his head up against a wall and crying. She tried to take him outside but he immediately pulled to go back in. When they went back inside Clobberhead led her to the laundry room, where unbeknownst to her the water heater had sprung a leak and was emitting natural gas! Not only that, but when the plumber got there he said it was sparking! That's terrifying. It's likely that Clobberhead not only saved Erin's life, but the lives of the people in the surrounding houses. Just when we think our pets couldn't mean more to us than they do, one of them goes and does something amazing like this. Click the picture below for a brief video of Clobberhead in action and a more in-depth version of the story.

Now, Clobberhead's story is heartwarming, but Norman is just pure entertainment. This dog is literally riding a bike.  I can't ride a bike, but Norman can.  Click the picture.

Can you even imagine if you were just driving along and saw that?  

With the Feel-Good vibes I shared with you today, could you do a favor for me in return? A former colleague of mine has a 7 year old son who is currently in a medically induced coma in the hopes it will help him recover from a serious head injury he sustained last week during a terrible freak accident playing.  Could you spare some thoughts, prayers, and love for Mikey and his family as they battle through this incredibly difficult time?  A Facebook page has been started to show some love and support. 

And here they are, your gratuitous pictures of Wiley and Jenny. 

In this picture, not only has Wiley stolen my scarf in an attempt to get me to play with his ball, but he also has crusty white spots on his face from the yogurt container he took off the counter before it got washed out for the recycling bin.  He's incorrigible.

Speaking of Feeling-Good, I'm not going to lie. Having the two of them cuddle on me, for however brief a time it lasted, made me feel really good!

Next week I'll share part two of Feline Friday: The Poetry of Cats, picking up where last week's post left off.  Can you stand the suspense?

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