Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

To the best of my knowledge, neither Wiley nor Jenny is Irish, although people do occasionally think Wiley is part Irish Setter. And hey-who knows?  He could be. 

I personally think he's Red-Tri Aussie but I have never had him DNA tested.  Anyway, hubs and I are also not of Irish descent, but since St. Patrick's Day is always presented as being so all-inclusive we decided to get in on the fun. 

 I got all these "props" at the Dollar Tree, and I kind of suspected this hat might be too big for Wiley but. . .   

well it was pretty absurd. I tried to fold it in various ways. 

 It still didn't exactly work. 

 I also tried putting it on myself and taking a selfie with Wiley. You can see how that turned out.  

Overall Wiley was quite cooperative as usual, and he even got a little caught up with himself while he was posing in the wind outside. 

Just look at the attitude he developed! 

Occasionally I had a tough time getting him to part with his ball for the whole situation but who can blame him? 

At one point he flopped down in between two steps, which I've never seen him do before - darned if it wasn't ridiculously cute! 

The big surprise of the whole situation was that I got Jenny to cooperate long enough to get a decent picture and I didn't get scratched or bitten. 

I guess I had the luck of the Irish working for me!  She definitely was not too thrilled though.

She even stuck her tongue out at me.

I pushed my luck a bit trying to get Wiley and Jenny together for a picture. This was the best I could manage. 

 Eventually Wiley had his fill too and the hat wound up in his mouth. 

Still I'm pleased with the results and I even got enough pictures to play around with some funky editing, like this green picture!

Have a wonderful St. Paddy's Day, from Wiley and Jenny and their mom too!

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  1. Everybody is (an) Irish (setter) on St. Patrick's Day! Thanks for the pictures, made my St Paddy's Day!