Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mr. Wilson Makes It Home

So, this may sound a bit strange coming from a blog writer but. . . I don't "follow" a lot of blogs. I mean, I read a lot of them, I just don't officially subscribe or follow them. However I want to share one I recently found, and just started following today. The name of the blog is Mr. Wilson Makes It Home. You can click on the title to be taken directly to the blog. The subject matter is a beautiful and  very content schnoodle who has been living in his furever home for about one year now. 

His dad, who maintains the blog, has written a book of the same title due to be published later this year. The posts are clever and thoughtful. He covers the day they waited in a parking lot for Mr. Wilson to arrive in Connecticut from Arkansas via Alpha Dog Transport.  He shares pictures of the things Mr. Wilson enjoys doing now in Rhode Island, including his trips to the beach. And he adds various other insights from his life into his postings. 

Take a minute to check out Michael's blog about Mr. Wilson. You'll enjoy another point of view about all the reasons why we need to always be advocating for saving those pets in need of saving. Adopt-don't shop! 

PS. Check out this rare moment of tranquility and peaceful coexistence between Wiley and Jenny. She jumped on the back of the chair, and he played it cool!

 It gave her the courage to get a little closer. You can see his eyes widen in this picture when he realizes she's heading towards him.  

Then they went nose to nose, and after a few moments Jenny calmly jumped down and Wiley returned to napping. It was a beautiful thing. 

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