Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving friends of the blog! I have a number of cute things to share with you here. First of all, I thought you'd enjoy these behind the scenes pictures that led to the final picture shared up above. It all started when I went in to feed Jenny this morning and remembered I had a little pilgrim owl from last year. I sat on the bed waiting for her to eat, and when she finished she came over to rub on me. That's when Wiley came in and they checked each other out.

  I got the owl out, and Wiley posed with it once. 

Then he grabbed it in his mouth, presumably to hold as ransom for a treat. I just sat still for a few moments and he gave up and laid down. 

That's when Jenny came up on the bed to see what he was up to. 

I did not put the owl in his paws in that position by the way. That's just the way it wound up. I realized if I played my cards right I just might be able to get them to pose together, which wasn't what I originally intended, but hey-they were almost being chummy. 

In the picture above, I'm pretty sure Wiley was thinking "Darn it cat! Stand still! We get the treats when we are still!" In the picture below he might want to eat her.

In the end I got a few good shots, the best of which became the first picture on this post; it might be the most cooperative they've ever been! I got some other good pictures of Wiley in some Thanksgiving accessories, such as these beeny-boppers.

Jenny was less enthused with them.

Later, when I was making sausage, Wiley brought the beeny-boppers to me, once again to try to get a treat.  This time it worked. Sigh.

I also ordered this pilgrim hat for him, not realizing how big it was. BOL!

And finally, my favorite accessory, this adorable bow tie. 

Here's a close-up. It has turkeys and says "Gobble til you wobble."  

He's very interested in the sausage on the counter here. 

I got his bowtie on Etsy from a new shop called Mister Butters. Guess what? Mister Butters is a rescue dog! In the interest of full disclosure, when I showed an interest in the bowtie the shop owner offered to expedite shipping to me at the same cost as regular shipping so I could get it in time for the holidays. You should check out Mister Butters's shop and get your pets some fancy bowties for Christmas! (And no-I don't get anything for free for saying that.) You can also follow Mister Butters Bow Ties on Facebook.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and for our international friends who don't celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope your Thursday is awesome! If you have a rescue pet, please contact me if you'd like to share its story here on the blog. 

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  1. Wiley in that pilgrim hat is one of the funniest dog pictures I've ever seen!