Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Rush!

Readers, today is Rush's birthday, and what kind of Rescue Dog Blogger would I be if I didn't get his post up for his big day?

  I first introduced Rush way back in September when I wrote about what attracted Amy to greyhounds in the first place, and how bonded she became with Rush's sister Bijou.

 Rush, however, was her first furbaby, and he's the one who opened her heart to the world of greyhound  rescue. 

They go way back, over eight years to be precise.

Now they're celebrating his 12th birthday! wooohooooo!  See? Just look at this picture Amy took of him today celebrating with his brother Rammy. BOL!

Amy has been making a fuss over birthdays and gotcha days for quite some time now. Check out this cake!

She sets the bar pretty high but her boy deserves it. Check out this year's cake.

Rush was clearly digging it.

Of course it seems like Rush enjoys life in general.

So what if he's missing a few teeth? 

It only adds to his cuteness.

What a face!


Rush and his brother Rammy know they live the sweet life with Amy.

Rush has had his naughty moments.

But undoubtedly he is spoiled silly because he has a special place in his mom's heart, beautiful captured in this picture by Sassafras Photography.

Happy Birthday Rush! Wiley and I wish you the best life with the best mom and family! 

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