Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wiley, Meatball, and Isis

Let's catch up with Wiley a bit. He had a busy weekend since our nieces were visiting for a sleepover. Olivia and Sadie came on Friday so we could go explore the Lehigh Valley Zoo and the Crayola Factory Experience. 

A funny thing happened while we were at the zoo. Well, let me clarify something first. It's more of a nature preserve. They don't keep any animals who couldn't thrive in our climate and habitat, and many of their animals, especially their birds of prey, are ones who had to be rehabilitated due to an injury or abandonment and couldn't survive in the wild. Their goal is conservation. Anyway, I went into the Rainbow Lorikeet exhibit and uh. . .  this happened. 

Birds have always had a thing for me. When I was a teenager my best friend Carrie's family adopted some birds, Cockatiels I believe, George and Martha. Only one of them was friendly when allowed out of the cage. The other would just fly to a curtain rod and stare everyone down. Except me. I was terrified of both of them flying around, and it was like they knew. They sat on the edge of my cereal bowl. They sat on my shoulder and pulled at my earrings. They tried to eat my ice cream. And because I was the only one the anti-social bird would socialize with, every time I went to their house they'd say "Let's get George and Martha out! Let's see if they'll do it again!"

I'm not as afraid as I used to be, but this was still quite the experience.

Moving on, we got the chance to take Wiley for a few walks while the girls were here. 

 He enjoyed having everyone together although he did have to turn around quite a bit to keep tabs on Sadie and me. He is a herding dog after all.

I guess everyone liked it; just check out these big smiles on Sadie and Wiley.

Olivia and Wiley have always gotten along well, probably because she actually likes throwing his ball for him. Check him out in action. You can see him at his happiest.

After the walks and tossing the ball it was time to take the girls home.  During their stay they had been telling me about one of their new kittens, whom Olivia named Apollo but Sadie named Meatball. 

As you can see, he is part Gremlin.  His ear hair is tufted and seems as long as his whiskers.  His coat started out black and has become silver-tipped. You can see the strange way his tail is a different color on its underbelly. 

He loves to climb in the shower when people are in there, and he begs for cantaloupe. Yeah, he seems more like a Meatball than an Apollo. 

I also got the chance to visit with Isis. 

If my face looks red in the pictures, it's because she was literally licking it so hard it hurt. 

Isis was the first dog we featured here on the Rescue Dog Blog. She is a beautiful one-eyed pit bull, and she never met anyone she didn't love.She laid on my feet most of the time I was there, and every time I bent over to acknowledge her, the excitement meter started all over again. 

She is such a sweet happy girl.

All the visitors, walks, and games of fetch must have been too much for Wiley, because when I got home in the late afternoon from dropping the girls off, this is what I saw. BOL!

In other news, our friend Luke took some pictures to help us get our adoption website ready. I can't wait to show you some of the Wiley pics, but in the meantime, here's one from that day of just Wiley and me, because I needed to be in one for a pet contest we're entering. Just wait until you see the rest!

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