Friday, May 2, 2014

Feel Good Friday

It's been a while since I've delivered a traditional Feel-Good Friday story. Today I have one that was on Good Morning America a few weeks ago, and it is absolutely adorable. 

Lorrie Rivera and her dog Lily, a 90 lb Akita, were out walking when Lily went pushing into the brush and came out with a very tiny kitten in her mouth!  Lorrie tried to take it to the Humane Society, but they said it was too young for adoption.  Lorrie decided to take a chance and take it home.  As you can tell, Lily was a fan!  She has been taking care of this little kitty ever since.

Did I mention Lily was originally given to Lorrie by her daughter to serve as a guard dog for her flower shop? Let's hope no stray kittens try to break into the place, because it doesn't seem like Lily will be much of a guard. 

All of these pictures were taken by Lorrie herself, and shared via Good Morning America/Yahoo and the Huffington Post. I wish I could track down Lorrie to keep tabs on how the pair make out in the long run. When Goldie and Kate, featured here, were adopted their parents started a Facebook page for them so we could get occasional updates. I'm always in favor of happy updates. If anyone hears any let me know!

What I wouldn't give for Jenny and Wiley to get along like Lily and this kitten. 

Here's a picture from Tuesday. Wiley was sitting next to me on the couch clamoring for attention when Jenny decided she wanted some too and walked along the back of the couch. I petted her a bit and then she took a few more steps and laid down. You can see her butt; it's what the red arrow is pointing at. And you can see Wiley's serious side-eye at her proximity. He wasn't digging it too much, so he kept giving me his paw, as if to say "But you're still paying attention to me, right Mom?" 

Ahhhh well. Baby steps, right? I'll take whatever progress I get!

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